The Importance of Human Touch.


The importance of human touch reminds me of my suffering,
Long back I used to study in an IIMC institute where I found a fellow as weird as me and at first everything of him just made me crazy and I got irritated but the clouds of wrath just disappeared and he said – Hey!
I was unable to discover why his hello was fine and I said hey too and things began to fall in line from there after ..
I found his eyes interesting and interacting even without a speech and I asked what is in your mind?.
He said a whole of your existence with a cute smile ,
Meanwhile I just dragged the line of comfort and messed up with the equation of love where I met his values and ethics .
Those words were influencing and I prepared myself for his walking into my life..
It began so casual that I couldn’t recover how it began with so much hatred and ended up smooth in the canvas of fondness.
We bear the thrills together and concerns are supposed to make you fall even if you are stony .
So did we were ,stony yet clay and love blossom with those affectionate words of care .
One day I passed his room and I found medical certificates which closely says he had cystic fibrosis and I my head rolled hard to ponder that his care and concern won’t last.
As I read the whole report I saw him watching me from behind and when I turned back we both were speechless.
At that time I just thought why God make people close when they can’t keep them forever in their arms .
I kept standing for a long while and thought about him that how I’m not going to have a person I’ve started loving the most .
And he said coming an inch over me –
Be safe for me , I don’t know how to go away from you but as fate has already decided to take me away from you let’s make a distance for safety..
All this while when I was with you nothing mattered me ,but you .
Only thought came that I wished I could touch you Because I’ve loved you.
I need to go -(jes)

I walked to my room senseless and gathered all the moment at once and wrote-
” Human touch is important untill and unless you couldn’t touch him ,
It’s important because it Connects when we are happy and provide gentle care to remind of love and I’m so unlucky in this case but you aren’t.
So touch them if you love them to remind them of love and care which is essential and power in itself.

~Thank you.

The hidden notes of love.


The chilling wind got hit in cheeks of every audience and the match ( tug of war) that followed late in the hostel corridor excited all of us .
We all rubbed hands to get the heat and little courage to cheer the team..
It’s tug of war competition held in our hostel campus and every one roared high with their voice and cheered the participants , lately I was running hard with life challenges that are bothering me for no fruits and I’m gulping it for my own betterment to chase the dream’s and for it I can go to any extent.
I stand forward and my bad I got both my friends in opponent team’s there I was stuck who to cheer so I sat and formally clapped for both the team ..
I suddenly moved my eye from the match to the the pair of friends who were pulling each other cheeks in a very affectionate way..I saw the living love in their friendship and then focused my retina to the match ..
In the first round of match I saw my roommate who was also playing the game, she got cuts over her hand because of healthy rope and it was paining terribly but still in stubbornness she went playing the second round and her bone got fractured and she lie down unconscious ..
Thereby I saw the concerns face of their friends who literally cried for the rickshaw to come and take her hospital immediately because they feared if something unusual happen with her ..
So obviously they didn’t want to take any risk at this critical time.
Friend’s who fight and say we don’t care you stay or leave do had the hard shell but when the problem occurs they are Truly become the person who they are for them and what they mean to them ..
Even one girl who is not friendly much to my roommate got asthmatic problem due to heavy crying ..
So it was pure examples that you cannot hide your love for people you actually care and pretend to be okay.
It really hurts when they get hurt.
So offer love ,do fight because it’s your right in your own Friend life .
Now the only girl who bitch her often staying near the hospital bed wide awake just to look if she is comfortably asleep.
If it’s not real care and love than tell me what is.

~thank you,



I chuckled on my thoughts when I sensed the whispers of affection after loads of effort.
I won heart of the person who meant world to me .
I overlooked the concerns on his face and uttered my dreams in the midnight sky ,when everyone sleep we were awake to emphasize our unity .
I put my words before him and he spoke phrases that totally bolded me away from my real life .
I felt it all fiction but his hands were real in my hand , promising me that he believes I’ll be a STAR of the country and I’ll be proud to be aside all the while.
That cold night of January, lasted late and dawn appear on terrace by glancing the blue sky over us .
I felt the essence of emotions over my skin and felt like love touched me without my own opinion .
I smiled and left .
That day was last when sammmer and I were close.
I never saw him there after our late promises,
I left Doha Qatar to Karachi to become what I’ve promised to sky ..
To become a star in my own world of word’s.
My dream to Cherish for sammer and for me.
4years passed until I saw sammer, I really got broke the way he left and didn’t found Ever.
I worked hard for him just to become one ,the whole new dream of world.
Later after week I got one letter from Iraq –
It says – My Fatima!
I know you will be disappointed by my absence but I really wanted my beloved to touch the sky and you listened me and did the core work of shaping your life just for me .
The day you get my letter will exactly 15 days to my death and I never wanted you to lose hope because of me ..
I’ve always wanted you to shine through my presence and I’m proud you exactly did the same.
You became a beaming star to shine enough to clear the darkness of everyone.
Never get upset for me ..
You had me on sky the way you had my arms on the cold night of eternity to nostalgia.

~Thank you

She shines ,


“I shined, beyond all the goodness and evilness”.

I stopped the alarm yet I couldn’t stop the flashing rays that came over my room in face of bliss.
Shaheen was alive and that was remarkable .
Her mother always pass the teaching to her daughter in a very serious note of life.
Shaheen grew humble , delight and inspired.
She saw her mother suffering so she always knew the limits when to step forward and when to stop forever.
Shaheen was beautiful with one ugly disease and yet her wildness knew no bounds of joy.
She demands learning from the natural world and bunked the rules which the whole society followed and that made the difference between her and others .
Everyone was aware of her illness and Shaheen took her illness as blessings all because she found the urge of doing everything in extreme and learn the cost of it later with acceptance.
She run towards the winds,she catches the fire,she dive to ocean,she lays to dust and she summed herself with the name of spiritual wisdom that took her heart for eternity.
Shaheen’s mother was unaware of schizophrenic symptoms but when she holded the list from doctor she got shocked as because every symptoms her daughter does in a friendly creative way and passed the day away with happiness in her eyes.
Shaheen was colourful lady who knew how to paint the world with her magical vibes and movements.
“She was the rays of sun that glows her every time she head under the canopy”.
It’s been year now I’m opening this album and looking this absurd pictures of my Daughter which she lived so meaningfully and I’m proud of her living strategy as because she was never afraid of dying and she lived the life she wanted and I’m happy with my upbringing that made her full of herself.
“Shaheen remained the epitome of crystal clear sky “.
I still remember the windy days when she rushed near the forest in search of psithurism and found the wholeness in it .
I followed the last page of her dairy that says – I shined, beyond all the goodness and evilness.

Thank you.

Her strength you can’t bear!


The positive things about every thought is that this aren’t going to matter me, not even a pinch of it would affect my soul from chattering my heart.
This is how I build my strength and I’ll flap back to pages that seems significant now will just be a reminiscing words that would have ended it value possibly.
I know the feelings that I have written whole teary eyed will just make me smile with same tear glands of past memory further.
I feel my life is just 10 Min shadow which affects me like wrenching of my warm heart but I know my strength will get me up and I won’t feel any burden or help to rescue myself.
I need no one as my backup but truly who I ever meant in my life and who was there in my journey I’m just thankful to them and wish them live full of joy and strength of power .
I knew I needed some space but I really trusted some rare individuals as because when you sincerely open up the darkness to your friends you really get dependent on the light one flashes on to you..but then time flew some people away because someone else needed them to scotch their pain with the same tape I was been healed.
So for sake of humanity we grow without any resentment .
People understand that leaving will bring them loneliness without knowing that their power,care,love everything has already built them up as a stronger person you can’t bear but the changes comes only because of you and your teaching..
I’m glad with Humans I meet because everybody just grow me unintentionally..
I thank to people who judged me less and made me understand this cruel life more.
Today i write and I feel those time where we were living and enjoying the laughters and fun was actually teaching us more and more to evolve in life with strength and kindness.

~Thank you.

I grasp emotions through ‘YOU’.


I remember it was a messy day..
I was getting late for my lectures but then I stopped, breeze touched me slowly and I looked back to staffroom corridors with tranquility and happiness .
I saw him(teacher) ,short in height, hairs nicely combed and shirt perfectly fit to your waist.
I saw him conversating over call and that was the first day of glance I felt that time has stopped for me.
I went back smilingly to class and no wonder I was 20 minutes late to Mr.biswal’ s class.
The following day I saw him again and intrigued about him to my fellow Friends and I got to know that he is a leacturer from Commerce department.
I felt relief to the news knowing that he is from our college.
Everything of his just attracted me and I never porch my heed likeness for him the entire year.
Years went by..
We came to the second year batch and I Searched him madly in Facebook..
I found him and sent request and within seconds he accepted me..
No wonder what grew next…
We texted each other ..
We got to know each other through social media and then from near by crosses in the college campus.
I suddenly became happy ..
Everytime my concern was he ..
I like him the way I never liked anybody..
Though he may be having his good people around him ..
But for me I made him my Motivation and my happy mode incharge.
He will never know my feelings for him and I might not say him but deep down I like him abundantly ..
Maybe my likeness is equivalent to love..
He passes my stress away..
He always brings smile to me..
Though from few weeks things started becoming better ..
Around him I’m like another being whose world is happiest..
Thank you my dear sir ..
“For you taught me that we can’t have somebody in our life but those feelings can never be passed to another being the same way it has for you because this smile are overflowing from heart and not every smile everflows with every random person”.

“I was hurt the day I knew the truth of you but then I realized my feelings were true and so I felt bad ..if my feelings weren’t genuine I wouldn’t have felt any pain”.

I always became happy having a glance of you, seeing a smile of you, remembering you and asking God a good life for you.

Cheers to life,love,and my sir.
Thank you.

To the happiness!


I discovered lately after watching a web series that what is my own thoughts for the happiness I feel or I get.
Happiness is a warm feeling ..
It’s a feeling where you feel saved from every toxicity and from people who see worse part in every spare.

Let’s describe my sense of happiness in my points:

1- I feel whenever I’ll be happy I’ll be full of teary eyes to thank every aspect that made me happier.

2- It will be between pages of book where I will win the game of life with my human.

3- It will be the days I’ll look sunrays with smile and feel blessed to have a good life.

4- It will be a day where I’ll finally feel like breathing.
It will be the sense of lightness in my body and all burden will leap leaving my body forever.

5-It will be the end of the chapter of some relationship that has nothing to do with me and future.
I pray for the kind soul but I’ll take a farewell from their Auster life .

6- It will be the day I’ll finally make my family , Friend and myself proud.

7- My part of happiness will be sitting idle in a corner and crying out my joy with smile and Letting all the sorrows to cascade out the window .

8- To have the person who thinks the way life provides lesson and take me into his words just to fulfill the kindness this world pays .

9- To choose myself over anyone,and life over stress, love over hate,
To become one of a rare soul this world needs.

10- My sense of happiness will be the way I’m ..kind of kid ,crazy,full of life, emotions, Friends, surrounded by natural vibes, love.

I Cheers to life I love and I live.
Happiness that content me as whole.

~ Thank you.

Home without her: Absurd.


The last note ended with happiness .
Her mother smiled and kept the book in the bookself of Maya..
Maya ,the youngest child of house was no more to irritate,annoy,shout, prank or have fun with her mother.
Maya was dead 2 years ago and yet her sounds of laughing and talking roam around the walls.
Her mother couldn’t help but keep calm at the asylum for their home with other two left over sons ..
Maya’s own brother knew they couldn’t get her back with her immaturity.
They did shouted her for that but they love the only thing in her was her wild childish behaviour.
Mom says there is no day she misses Maya and an obsessed fab song of her she mutters the whole day.
I remember I shouted her to be quite but she listens no one ..
Maya was an imaginary person who just disclose herself out of reality.
She hates reality and it’s because she was a writer.
She paints words and feeling of persons and beautify them on novel as because she wanted to be heard ..
She wanted everyone hear the pain that everyone is escaping from and with this she helped the depressing nation to come out of trauma .

But God took her .
He took her away from life .
He took the essence of my house .

We never love a person untill we don’t have her one day with us.

After Maya’s death , we got printed her story,diary,books,SMS, everything she used to do in her pleasure time.
It got sold in one complete book and finally my daughter is a novelist..
Up there .
Smiling , looking me and thanking us.
Wishing to come back but couldn’t and alarm ranged high while Maya came and said maa I’m running late for classes.
I hold her and thanked life.
She is here beside me.

Thank you.



Recently ..
I’ve been closed with Becky,an antogonist in the play “The princes Sara”.
Becky was poor, kind-hearted and genuine girl and that’s attracted me the most.
Though she was a maid but her personality was made of pure gold.
As been surrounded by people who are loud,tough, motivated, observant and focused..
Becky was simple outgoing girl who is unknown of the crushing world.
I like girls like her whose simplicity defines their beauty, mannerism and knowledge.
With Becky I learned that being kind hearted is no wrong appearance .
Behaviour plays significant role and that took you to somewhere your pretty life begins with fortune .

In remembrance of Becky I wanna say I understand her circumstances and any problems she deals with.

I felt happy whenever I see a smile on her face as it reminds me of time that were tough and when you get over that toughness all you get is glittering smile that forms in your lips to bloom.

~Thank you