The bookish truth .


The vague palorids of my books I found it written by coelho, Rowling, Meyer and king.
For the pictures I saw I smiled to them and run to the pages of it where highlight stories says – if your believe in dreams ,the entire universe help you to conspire it and turned to next book which said in dreams we see the world entirely our own and shyly remembered the lined quote of Meyer which read Time is to change and changes will come and in deep breath I learnt that Stephen king wrote the finest skills build creative power in you from the memoir of the craft.
The ideas they show doesn’t come easily because it’s their struggle and pain they jot down which inspired whole worldwide to pick the tool and write a different life.
The story of books is abundance and mysterious.
We see gothic feature, Romantic ideals and dementors soul while we enter the book world .
I feel when we go inside a book we travel an unknown magical places where all the protagonist feel so real and they teach you the enormous and wide side of life we try to usually avoid thinking as fiction .
The fictional book is the truth they share through the fairy words which seem untrue but are true .

That’s the ocean side of book we dive when we read .
Thank you !!

Dark clouds don’t last.


Dear, Pia!

There is no one else writing this letter to me but myself .
I’m Pia! lovingly called by my mom and friends .
I recently turned 21 with full of soothing music in me and heart bigger with love filled in it.
I’m very observant to life and whatever it teaches me .
I’m fond of friends and the mark they leave in me.
From childhood to adulthood I see human visit my life and leave it like they are leaving some of their guest House.
I can’t realize their worth with words untill they learn the spark of eyes and it’s language that shout loud enough that my lips will ever could.
But all this past days ,I needed them and wanted them but today I’m a free individual who seek no one but self.
I realized there’s no big circle of friends require to feel you and only one person drags you from the shadow of dark clouds and remind you their is sunlight left over to cherish with love , your own love .
My sense grew fonder and me -Pia! I
Grown unattached with everyone and seem to have a marvelous life with and without them .
I spare it all and Cherish flowery path and being unattended to everyone’s life and that doesn’t make me unkind but it do heal my self soul and let me see the purification of clouds that was usually darker.
For the first time I saw life that was bigger and I realized I’m as happy alone that I’m with anyone else.
I’m very thankful to some rare who came , stayed and gone and today I love them the most because they taught me so many beautiful lesson .
It was time when I thought life couldn’t be easy without them but dark clouds don’t last and I parted myself and finished my writing with smile and went to attend the call that was ringing with same 10 digits number I was awaiting while writing myself an awakening letter.
I owe you friend- then, now and let’s see far ,far and together far.

Thank you.



August 5,2011

My nights generally went till dawn, I clearly knew why these nights kept me up and why I was hiding behind words of fun, happiness, love, kindness !
I was not these whole emphatic girl of light , room of hope but I do agree my mind keep me intact with it in morning schedules so that people I meet or I see should not be bothered.
I’m dristi , I hate hello’s untill and unless it’s familiar .
Life covers so many real lies inside oneself and sometimes we do not reveal truth and why I don’t know .
I know only one name that holds life- shiraj , my companion .
My days with him were so relaxing and fun and it’s been 3 years we are heading together , so churning and filling of bonds .
I clearly remember it was summer morning when we met in the stormy wind and now is the day when the same storm came to our life’s.
Things have devastated between us and life shown me ugly face no no ugly truths , the hidden shiraj whom I never met at first .
Who is he I questioned every damn night ,. I’m awake hours and hours finding answers.. Changing self , loving more, building up and what not. But life turned up to both of us the one who meant world to me suddenly seemed wary, cranky and dissolving.
This day , on 5th August I wrote a sad letter one last time in memory of shiraj whom I don’t even know now.
We became complete stranger like 3 years back and it took lots of crying , whining and mental abnormalities to take this one painful yet helpful decision to erase myself from the crooked yet lifeless person in whom I found my entire world of life.

apologies to Dristi.

~Thank you

Impact he left;


June 12,2013

Siama suddenly gazed at star’s and smiled for the times she had while he was breathing his life .
She caught his letter in one hand and tried consoling herself from other one .
The smiled that flashed was emotion of dismal, gloominess surrounded her laughter and thoughts covered her head to think unthoughtable prompt conversation.
Sameer was her bestfriend from school -shy , distant and awaken. Whenever we met we talked about life and growth life was good but his decision wasn’t.
Being his bestfriend she knew his problems of home and not mingling with other human and somewhere it became her cause of worry because she knew she could make him happy and safe untill he is in call or while having conversations .
She knew anything she say could be clear cut message to his head but yet nothing stopped him from the death he was craving to embrace.
She lost Sameer with just one note because life was sucking him every moment .
Having everything , having love around was just making his world more frustrating..he wanted to end life because he never wanted life and shook hand of death which accepted him as Friend and showed a era of death mourning in a much friendly way he always seeked.
She knew she was broken by his act but she also knew he was happy somewhere in a world he can call his own as his home .
Love to Sameer because life was not meant for him he knew and yet he provided me his moment of friendship with significant dignity and enormous love .
Impact he left has always saddened her and yet she prays my brokenness gets fix with exactly someone like him so she can find her Sameer in face of his.

Thank you.

Day of Feb!

images (1)

It was 2nd of Feb I clearly remember,
You left heart of mine shattering without any fumble.

I got numb and still you didn’t care,
I waited for your text and things to get mend.

I realized fellow like you are ruthless,
But didn’t blamed you for hurting anyway.

All sleepless night burned like fire,
My day of brightness didn’t wear any attire.

Sadness being known when you left me alone,
Only part of happiness I got was the memory of yours.

You haunted like a ghost and suddenly I woke,
It was Day of Feb my table clock shown.

~Thank you,

The phone call!


Jan 2,19

I just came to my buzzing dusted room after winter holidays .
I cleaned my room which took more than 3 hours and then I relaxed peacefully.
I lied on my cozy pink bedsheet fluffy bed and received a text – you came?
I flashed myself a smile and directly called the person I missed whole vacation and said I’m here .
Sanu’s voice beamed with happiness because he knew phone calls to late night will be updated again and no mumma coming in-between will happen here .
Hostel space has my own space like home where I live and I live with him through calls and video calls that seems like his presence with me in my room .
A small phone call can make you have him just through his voice and feel like home and video call give you that feeling of presence.
I still remember we have schedule of the whole day from morning to evening and even there were days that tingle me as those were so beautiful and ethereal.
Morning call happens for waking up together and run for office and college,
Afternoon calls happens to know if I were Back to room or not and what I’ve done the ruthless day at the college corridor .
Evening calls happens to say we both are going to play and come back to study together at calls,
And night calls happened to know truer each other more and more .
The fun part always rely on night call because we sing , do drama and eat all together like family and discuss problems like siblings.
It’s feels good to know we have someone to call our own as family as Friend as guide as mentor and sometimes I feel – Everything like important.

It feels special you know when just a phone call can bring you together as inseparable and a true bond create as its own .
I didn’t even knew when sanu became that big part in my life that now when I reminisce I feel we walk together long way and still holding paths to walk side by side where life takes on and build us happier together.
A friend I accidentally met paly’s a big role in my life and I bless our friendship works great, greater and greatest in coming way.
I bless us to stick in any problems we face and encourage to deal with it and come up with better solution to face the challenging world.

~Thnak you

My thoughts an Elegy.


It’s aweful to write sad notes from the cheerful person.
Not every laughter designed to show you affection or admiration.
My life has one rule and I broke down immensely when I get crunch for the things I heartily believe or love.
It’s true word cut too deep and sometimes it takes your life too.
It’s not late to love and understand a person before she or he take that one big action that will make you regret your whole buzzing life.
Numerous times I felt shattered and only closest does that .
Either I’ll take myself away or I’ll act on leaving forever never to be seen to anyone.
Maybe my absence will make people at peace.
I kept looking at ceiling and tears kept flowing without warning .
Nose chocked didn’t let it breath.
Thoughts wander didn’t let find consequences.
I just stopped at point where I see nothing.
Where I didn’t find me.
Where I didn’t find my friends.
For her respect I did everything but lost .
I found myself in coma.
One come to a point where only death looks so appropriate .
And life so ruthless .
I want you to be happiest without me.

~sad notes from happy girl
~Thank you

Bright places have human names too.


Dear, akra, Mohin, dommy and joil

I was drooling in this weekend with thoughts of abyss.
How perfect days and nights were, how happy our dates were ..
I smile when I write those moments of unfading remembrance.
My cell phone has become one reason to connect with you even when I’m far away .
You give reason that you are here.
You give reason that I should be aware of some undefined knowledge.
Past days I wrote letters , saved late talks chats and recorded voice audios.
Human beings don’t need much of material things but emotional support .
When I talk I feel home and with this new acquainted places I live without any issues of judgement.
You care, you love , we enjoy , we talk, we discuss , we smile and all of this secretly I pour in my pages to let it live here for eternity .
Our words connect to world and let them know that this rare real bonds made me realize that some bright places I’ve known has human names called – akra, mohin, dommy and joil.

Pleasure having you four.

~thank you ,love Ruchi

Date in a graveyard.


I flipped pages after pages and shockingly got a torn letters full of words in it. I checked what is it after so many years and found a handwritten letter to self , I go teary eyed when I read it .
This letter was of end grad period .
I couldn’t stop myself and sat in sofa to recall.

July 5,19- Hey Raina! He said
Through WhatsApp text and I said yes please as if I was so excited to listen what my fellow person who I’ve developed my likeness for has to say .
He texted we are meeting in the morning and the place we are going is a suprise for you .
I sent a big smiley emoji and said I’ll be there waiting near the park.
Pick me up.
He said yeah and we slept dreaming for the fortune next day .
I was bubbling within and woke up early the next morning as I needed to look best and I wore my best tee and jacket he loved the most .
I was there sharp 7 and as I look around the street his car came slowly to me and we headed forward.
I couldn’t control the enthusiasm of my excitement so I asked where are we going .
He giggled and said – On a date princess.
I really wanted to throw up there but I coped up with my feelings and said ‘oh Hawai’ and he said Na Na just see and soon his car parked near a graveyard.
I was stain stuck and yet happy because it was our time there ,all alone and without crowds.
Every action of Arjun just amazed me so pleasantly and I was hinted that I got some place in his heart or maybe in his Auster life.
I’ve always needed that place and Arjun got me shocking with his admiration.
We had lots of conversation and sat on a place, where nature was soothing and relaxing like it is welcoming us both of us as one being.
I felt that charm and never wanna lose it, so I just took a breath and closed my eyes to capture all the emotions at once with Arjun.
After few seconds Arjun interrupted and asked me – what if you die what will be your last words for this world,
I saw him clumsyly and said “Raina here lies with peace and spent the most of the happy time with her loved ones and she is greatful”.
Arjun without a word felt it and said you are deep Raina and I smiled him saying your turn and Arjun replied “As I go leaving all, atleast remember my story””.
Raina patted his back and said impressible.
The letter ended with love and Raina came to reality that things that get snatched somewhere has lived a greatest story to reminisce.
I was fortunate enough for this feeling I had .
I feel a real date is a real conversation by Raina malhotra
As said to Arjun Singh on the day of their date to graveyard.

~Thank you

Connection is real.


Oct 22,
I remember veer is laughing heavenly as he never knew how sadness look like untill I become one of his reason.
I’m Alina , late wife of veer .
So let’s introduce us – The happy married couple.

Dec 14,
It was his promotion period, veer is turning bank manager soon .
I was happy yet gloomy because he became so busy that I felt I don’t exist and at times I yell at him and he got frustrated and out of anger I do things that just irritate veer to get his attention.
And this was my reason to death .
Yes I’m dead because my loving husband care so much for me .
It was a car accident and I know it was my fault as always but veer got victimize .
I was out of my control because veer was not listening anything I was dreaming for us and that’s it my life screwed me .
I pulled off my seat belt to get his attention and suddenly a truck hit us and I was out of my seat in my deathbed.
Veer turned unconscious and defected.
He was left alone and in a while whole life of sunshine turned dark stormy season for him.
He couldn’t think life without me but he consciousness missed me so much that I just usually comes in his fantasy and meet him.
I was never dead for veer although I wanted him to live his life for someone but he failed .
That was connection and it retard you badly and leave you teary eyes.
The person who was never sad, fallen in love with it and found home in it.
I’m a ghost wife of his who love him immensely but it has to over and he has to let go of me .
The connection he made with me will never transform him but my absence definitely will.

-Thank you