That Friendship saved you.

I let my believe walk through me by cascade and that brought some faces with available emotion, which without question appeared and stayed. For I know that Universe will echo the humbleness I was been showered in time’s of numbness. I was been continuously called lucky because I’ve been favoured by human that decreases theContinue reading “That Friendship saved you.”

How Darkness Becomes Light-Story Of Heartbreak that leads to healing.

November 14- 23:44, The cold wind will always remind me how shaken I was when text of your close one feels like attacking, when everything they say just hit you like dagger in your chest and I went through same downfall, I knew the night that need to go fast went slow like turtle. ItContinue reading “How Darkness Becomes Light-Story Of Heartbreak that leads to healing.”

2020:The last chapter and lessons .

Dec,23:17 I chuckled when pages of memories flipped back, I went somewhere to last year where I had some nostalgic memories . People don’t make me saddened anymore, they moreover belong and that’s beauty of life. Past were days when I used to have bunch of people but now I’m so much filled with fondnessContinue reading “2020:The last chapter and lessons .”

Living last month with them !

Nov 23, 22:43 Nights get heavy and words turn truer, today when I feel I’m losing friends , I appreciate there lose which is formed with hatred and selfishness. I’m freeing myself from those who act they love me and maybe they does but they also hate . I’m freeing from hate, I’m freeing myselfContinue reading “Living last month with them !”

Our friendship was everything then why a distance?

0:27 Am ( Story of Ray and mil) Time is mastermind ! it checks what value you keep of a thing or a person when time pass by years after years. When a beautiful journey start there are two beautiful soul binds together , care, play and do all things with each others presence ,Continue reading “Our friendship was everything then why a distance?”