How Life Look Under Trees

A discussion took under a big banyan tree between three children which game to start. A shed of tree that relaxes children to enjoy their fun time.

Life I saw at edge but it becomes harmonious because we have surrounded by nature. Nature have been kind and nature have been stormy.

People relaxing and communicating under the shee of tree, a picture of peace found beneath.

When I started my photo essay in- How Life Look Under Trees, I came across various aspects of living and I developed all kind of act, emotions, connectivity, damage lives etc. I started walking across my home lanes to discover the unseen life of human today that theh all went through.

An old man silently grabs the warmth of sunlight in winter morning under a wretched tree.

Here, through trees we catch lots of activity done by different human like they prefer to read under trees and it give essence shade and comfort.

A father walks with her daughter under the lane of trees describing it’s importance.

People give time and effort to things matter to them.

Group of three friends enjoy their conversation about how they all grew together in the area covered with tree.

It’s like the small things in life that interconnect people just like it did to these groups of friends and the tree being the witness of their growing friendship.

How economic took place under trees, the life under tree is been valued and daily earnings been earned for living.

Life under trees shows the different people with different work and input environmental ability to maintain their usual life.

An old man manages to read his newspaper away from home under the green berry tree, showing the necessity towards current news.

It’s the privilege of one with the newspaper who is shown very fond of reading and getting updated with the current news.

Devastation of trees during the storm in Hirakud, Sambalpur. A little boy help himself with his clothes to hook in te rope.

The aged tree with the branches after the devastation show the longevity same as human age.

Bizzare life of a slum boy after major storm hit his place and crooked trees stand tall to help him with his clothes.

This tree always stand by human as support in the times of devastation.

Tree serve as roof to common people who earn on daily basis.

I’ve explored all the section human go through on the basis while they enjoy thier childhood, mold themselves in a conversation,

Storm hiy hard on common people, an old lady pondering about after life under aged tree of her house.

sit quietly under tree, help themselves hooking clothes in the time storm hit. The phases that even connect and also ruin human life .

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