How Darkness Becomes Light-Story Of Heartbreak that leads to healing.

I learnt about light when I smiled after I healed.

November 14- 23:44,

The cold wind will always remind me how shaken I was when text of your close one feels like attacking, when everything they say just hit you like dagger in your chest and I went through same downfall, I knew the night that need to go fast went slow like turtle. It was the day when life shuffled for Agni and Aritosh .

Feb-6- 10:11,

Agni and Aritosh were inseparable friends, their days don’t go without their presence. It was a bond that everyone craves and we were lucky enough to get along and maybe that happiness of ours got cursed. It was time that got us together and it was time that parted us, one misunderstanding and life of two best friends got changed forever and changed in form of no reflection. You never know whom you known for years become a person who you never wanna know again.

A phrase -I don’t feel your absence longer hit the hearts of two life in a way that nor even universe could put them together again.

Things became to change , I started becoming quite and aritosh started becoming ignorant.

Present Day- Nov, 14- A day when leap of path took place to direction I don’t know. I knew shivering will take place after him and every night I’m chocked with pain , I howl midnight , I get nightmare and what worse could happen to a person who got attached so much,

When morning appeared my drowsiness didn’t left me till noon, I got bad headache and I realized what’s next – I know I’m leading to the grasp of trauma but before it catch me I was been pulled up by Daksh , an old friend out of no where appeared into my life, we talked simultaneously and eventually got hugged by life .

March 30, 7:06 – I was smiling to a wake up call made by Daksh and when he disconnected, I hushed to life whispering how fast the trauma diverted from my life like in gulp of second. Book quotes were so right when they say with right human everything disappears and life be seen more glowing and concerning .

I couldn’t even remember how it all changed with Daksh and so frequent flow like river, I started nurturing , I was glued to growing and Daksh was a real captured frame to it. I felt light passed within my soul and I laughed like never before.

life brings you human you need I noted it properly while revisiting the time of dawn that turn into morning with the chirping voice of birds.

I knew darkness came so that I will learn the value of light and eventually I did.

I thank Aritosh for leaving me so that I could welcome Daksh.

Thank you!


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