2020:The last chapter and lessons .

I write for existence.


I chuckled when pages of memories flipped back, I went somewhere to last year where I had some nostalgic memories .

People don’t make me saddened anymore, they moreover belong and that’s beauty of life.

Past were days when I used to have bunch of people but now I’m so much filled with fondness that it is enough till lifetime.

How beautiful it is to have human who we don’t have in our life now but they really taught us love friendship ,care, and lot more.

I will forever owe them and miss them through memories .They were the beautiful people I met who I don’t want now because certain things need to end to know life.

2020 took my friends too but it will never take those time i had with them, those laughter and love will always echo in my ear and I will know a friendship and love has lived.

Now currently I just have few friends and never know when life will snatch them so i spread fondness and kindness so that serenity will everlast in my bond .

I will never pay a regreat because I was not wrong and that’s why I didn’t break when my friendship got over.

I bless everyone equally and spread love !

I pray forever this kindness exist in my soul.

Those who gone I hope they never return and live a happy life and whoever is staying please stay until you feel to leave .

You have choices .

Thank you!

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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