Living last month with them !

Standing at a point and thinking amazing moments I had and had to let go from people I loved deeply.

Nov 23, 22:43

Nights get heavy and words turn truer, today when I feel I’m losing friends , I appreciate there lose which is formed with hatred and selfishness.

I’m freeing myself from those who act they love me and maybe they does but they also hate . I’m freeing from hate, I’m freeing myself from those guilt.

Today having one is my victory . I was so wrong chasing so many friends but they say right , Friend to all is friend to none.

2020, I will never forget this year ever who snatched my friends who were dear to me and life will go on without them and new people will enter. I just pray if they love ,they love genuinely or else move away.

Whatever I do is god’s protection towards me, you already gave me a person to live my entire life for and I’m tearful happy for it .

Friendship are ending with this year and I hope they live life peacefully making friends of their kind and never abandon them by making them their own .

I pray whoever I lose live a happy life. Lead path of gratefulness.

I’m no longer shivering and that’s my move on journey . I didn’t pour my tears because I know I’m no longer willing to take such realtions which affect my peace and life.

I thank Ganeshji whatever he done ,

I create space for new and I know healthy friendship will lead life , although the one I cherish the most already exists inside me and together will create a life memorable.

I thank people I was friend with, you showed who I actually need to shed my tears for and who are worth matter to be in my life.

have a great life without me in 2021 .

Wish you healthy, prosperity and goodness.

Thank you !

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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