Drowned to me.

I will live untill
I get drowned…

Happy eyes of mine search the deepest secret lies beneath, I dream to write for words that don’t come on lip.

When moments are hard I press my lip tight. Don’t worry you won’t know when I’ll be drowned for in my life I’m happy to find myself back to take myself home .

Home of unknown, home of mine!

The day I fulfill my dream will be the day sky will rain heavenly and in sounds of thunder their will be satisfaction , with wind it will catch my breath and happy to hug my soul for eternity to divinity.

Lesser time and more memory to make , time by time I’ll gather all the pieces I find elsewhere and collecting all I’ll leave this world by wretching down in the ocean…..

Thank you.

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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