Sun rise, sun sets and in-between there’s no you .

Nov,4 19:34

How could it happen that I have to pretend all of it , that his absence wasn’t affecting me .. it shatters me to know there is no presence of him anymore. I cannot do anything more than wait if he returns and even if he does it will be a last time just for mutual bye. I know we read lot of stuff that says go on and forget but it isn’t easy to do suddenly , it’s a gradual process to move on , I’m doing though but my senses are numb , he took believe away with himself, me the one who loved to make new friends and know about people story everything got choked just because people don’t bother and they stay with you untill you make them feel important and if not they go away breaking years of bond.

How easy it gets for them to leave even when you say not to abandon you .

When you plead and all they do is break everything in fraction of second.

This time no more though . You got free. you left me . I always wanted happiness for you and forever I will want this .

Your life .be blessed to live !

Your friend think of you with this choked numbness.

Thank you!

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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