Our friendship was everything then why a distance?

0:27 Am ( Story of Ray and mil)

Time is mastermind ! it checks what value you keep of a thing or a person when time pass by years after years. When a beautiful journey start there are two beautiful soul binds together , care, play and do all things with each others presence , I don’t wanna term it love when it is friendship . Yeah it’s love but it’s a friendship love . Nothing above nothing below . I heard in friendship everything just flow no much efforts are been put here and friends understand more. It’s a Romantic love that is chaos , yes it is .Lover feel such distance pain my friends , friends are supposed to make you feel great so why it’s happening that I’m getting ignored by a person I’m so damn close to . What changed ? Not me obviously . Living in a friendship and putting efforts why it isn’t flow what difference came , what did I do. The share of your love is intact so why so difference . Why we are getting lesser time of each other . Why I don’t know what you are doing or how you are?

I know I get friends but why am I supposed to not have you along with them . Mil you are important!

I care , I get affected without your indulgence. Know it before it’s late.

Please .

I don’t want a day to come I start living without you and that will be a forever decision.

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Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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