The hand of trust!

The hand of trust!

August 4, 2013

It’s been long long while since I opened my journal and see my pro art and heart felt words of letters to some friends I know and some I detached myself with and in my journal I saw ,that the messages I wrote to God was living eternal today and it followed till now from long ages.

I’m pranay! A devotee of Shivaji who thinks life is unwrapped with torn ticks of wary issues which even I face but facing doesn’t mean I’m losing faith.

While I was juggling with life and everyone kicked my emotions like it’s unimportant I started penning my words to God , my constant pal who not only guided me but also pull me before I fall .

This harsh life will never get our command but once the voice of heart is kept in feet of lord it’s taken as approval and without question the path becomes clear , the destiny becomes achievable and all it take is our efforts and so I push my efforts to achieve my goal and everytime I look there is no one around I am sure of who really is – it’s the hand of trust I’ve holded from so long of my God who never detached myself like people did and I’m grateful to update it in my running journal of life .

My friendship is with the creator so I barely pay attention to people who live nearby , I’m a devotee who believe that being alone is not alone because at that moment god has holded you tight to lead in the summit of upcoming mountains.

Jai bhole!

Thank you!

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Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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