The bookish truth .


The vague palorids of my books I found it written by coelho, Rowling, Meyer and king.
For the pictures I saw I smiled to them and run to the pages of it where highlight stories says – if your believe in dreams ,the entire universe help you to conspire it and turned to next book which said in dreams we see the world entirely our own and shyly remembered the lined quote of Meyer which read Time is to change and changes will come and in deep breath I learnt that Stephen king wrote the finest skills build creative power in you from the memoir of the craft.
The ideas they show doesn’t come easily because it’s their struggle and pain they jot down which inspired whole worldwide to pick the tool and write a different life.
The story of books is abundance and mysterious.
We see gothic feature, Romantic ideals and dementors soul while we enter the book world .
I feel when we go inside a book we travel an unknown magical places where all the protagonist feel so real and they teach you the enormous and wide side of life we try to usually avoid thinking as fiction .
The fictional book is the truth they share through the fairy words which seem untrue but are true .

That’s the ocean side of book we dive when we read .
Thank you !!

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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