The Importance of Human Touch.


The importance of human touch reminds me of my suffering,
Long back I used to study in an IIMC institute where I found a fellow as weird as me and at first everything of him just made me crazy and I got irritated but the clouds of wrath just disappeared and he said – Hey!
I was unable to discover why his hello was fine and I said hey too and things began to fall in line from there after ..
I found his eyes interesting and interacting even without a speech and I asked what is in your mind?.
He said a whole of your existence with a cute smile ,
Meanwhile I just dragged the line of comfort and messed up with the equation of love where I met his values and ethics .
Those words were influencing and I prepared myself for his walking into my life..
It began so casual that I couldn’t recover how it began with so much hatred and ended up smooth in the canvas of fondness.
We bear the thrills together and concerns are supposed to make you fall even if you are stony .
So did we were ,stony yet clay and love blossom with those affectionate words of care .
One day I passed his room and I found medical certificates which closely says he had cystic fibrosis and I my head rolled hard to ponder that his care and concern won’t last.
As I read the whole report I saw him watching me from behind and when I turned back we both were speechless.
At that time I just thought why God make people close when they can’t keep them forever in their arms .
I kept standing for a long while and thought about him that how I’m not going to have a person I’ve started loving the most .
And he said coming an inch over me –
Be safe for me , I don’t know how to go away from you but as fate has already decided to take me away from you let’s make a distance for safety..
All this while when I was with you nothing mattered me ,but you .
Only thought came that I wished I could touch you Because I’ve loved you.
I need to go -(jes)

I walked to my room senseless and gathered all the moment at once and wrote-
” Human touch is important untill and unless you couldn’t touch him ,
It’s important because it Connects when we are happy and provide gentle care to remind of love and I’m so unlucky in this case but you aren’t.
So touch them if you love them to remind them of love and care which is essential and power in itself.

~Thank you.

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Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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