The hidden notes of love.


The chilling wind got hit in cheeks of every audience and the match ( tug of war) that followed late in the hostel corridor excited all of us .
We all rubbed hands to get the heat and little courage to cheer the team..
It’s tug of war competition held in our hostel campus and every one roared high with their voice and cheered the participants , lately I was running hard with life challenges that are bothering me for no fruits and I’m gulping it for my own betterment to chase the dream’s and for it I can go to any extent.
I stand forward and my bad I got both my friends in opponent team’s there I was stuck who to cheer so I sat and formally clapped for both the team ..
I suddenly moved my eye from the match to the the pair of friends who were pulling each other cheeks in a very affectionate way..I saw the living love in their friendship and then focused my retina to the match ..
In the first round of match I saw my roommate who was also playing the game, she got cuts over her hand because of healthy rope and it was paining terribly but still in stubbornness she went playing the second round and her bone got fractured and she lie down unconscious ..
Thereby I saw the concerns face of their friends who literally cried for the rickshaw to come and take her hospital immediately because they feared if something unusual happen with her ..
So obviously they didn’t want to take any risk at this critical time.
Friend’s who fight and say we don’t care you stay or leave do had the hard shell but when the problem occurs they are Truly become the person who they are for them and what they mean to them ..
Even one girl who is not friendly much to my roommate got asthmatic problem due to heavy crying ..
So it was pure examples that you cannot hide your love for people you actually care and pretend to be okay.
It really hurts when they get hurt.
So offer love ,do fight because it’s your right in your own Friend life .
Now the only girl who bitch her often staying near the hospital bed wide awake just to look if she is comfortably asleep.
If it’s not real care and love than tell me what is.

~thank you,

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Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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