I chuckled on my thoughts when I sensed the whispers of affection after loads of effort.
I won heart of the person who meant world to me .
I overlooked the concerns on his face and uttered my dreams in the midnight sky ,when everyone sleep we were awake to emphasize our unity .
I put my words before him and he spoke phrases that totally bolded me away from my real life .
I felt it all fiction but his hands were real in my hand , promising me that he believes I’ll be a STAR of the country and I’ll be proud to be aside all the while.
That cold night of January, lasted late and dawn appear on terrace by glancing the blue sky over us .
I felt the essence of emotions over my skin and felt like love touched me without my own opinion .
I smiled and left .
That day was last when sammmer and I were close.
I never saw him there after our late promises,
I left Doha Qatar to Karachi to become what I’ve promised to sky ..
To become a star in my own world of word’s.
My dream to Cherish for sammer and for me.
4years passed until I saw sammer, I really got broke the way he left and didn’t found Ever.
I worked hard for him just to become one ,the whole new dream of world.
Later after week I got one letter from Iraq –
It says – My Fatima!
I know you will be disappointed by my absence but I really wanted my beloved to touch the sky and you listened me and did the core work of shaping your life just for me .
The day you get my letter will exactly 15 days to my death and I never wanted you to lose hope because of me ..
I’ve always wanted you to shine through my presence and I’m proud you exactly did the same.
You became a beaming star to shine enough to clear the darkness of everyone.
Never get upset for me ..
You had me on sky the way you had my arms on the cold night of eternity to nostalgia.

~Thank you

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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