She shines ,


“I shined, beyond all the goodness and evilness”.

I stopped the alarm yet I couldn’t stop the flashing rays that came over my room in face of bliss.
Shaheen was alive and that was remarkable .
Her mother always pass the teaching to her daughter in a very serious note of life.
Shaheen grew humble , delight and inspired.
She saw her mother suffering so she always knew the limits when to step forward and when to stop forever.
Shaheen was beautiful with one ugly disease and yet her wildness knew no bounds of joy.
She demands learning from the natural world and bunked the rules which the whole society followed and that made the difference between her and others .
Everyone was aware of her illness and Shaheen took her illness as blessings all because she found the urge of doing everything in extreme and learn the cost of it later with acceptance.
She run towards the winds,she catches the fire,she dive to ocean,she lays to dust and she summed herself with the name of spiritual wisdom that took her heart for eternity.
Shaheen’s mother was unaware of schizophrenic symptoms but when she holded the list from doctor she got shocked as because every symptoms her daughter does in a friendly creative way and passed the day away with happiness in her eyes.
Shaheen was colourful lady who knew how to paint the world with her magical vibes and movements.
“She was the rays of sun that glows her every time she head under the canopy”.
It’s been year now I’m opening this album and looking this absurd pictures of my Daughter which she lived so meaningfully and I’m proud of her living strategy as because she was never afraid of dying and she lived the life she wanted and I’m happy with my upbringing that made her full of herself.
“Shaheen remained the epitome of crystal clear sky “.
I still remember the windy days when she rushed near the forest in search of psithurism and found the wholeness in it .
I followed the last page of her dairy that says – I shined, beyond all the goodness and evilness.

Thank you.

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Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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