Her strength you can’t bear!


The positive things about every thought is that this aren’t going to matter me, not even a pinch of it would affect my soul from chattering my heart.
This is how I build my strength and I’ll flap back to pages that seems significant now will just be a reminiscing words that would have ended it value possibly.
I know the feelings that I have written whole teary eyed will just make me smile with same tear glands of past memory further.
I feel my life is just 10 Min shadow which affects me like wrenching of my warm heart but I know my strength will get me up and I won’t feel any burden or help to rescue myself.
I need no one as my backup but truly who I ever meant in my life and who was there in my journey I’m just thankful to them and wish them live full of joy and strength of power .
I knew I needed some space but I really trusted some rare individuals as because when you sincerely open up the darkness to your friends you really get dependent on the light one flashes on to you..but then time flew some people away because someone else needed them to scotch their pain with the same tape I was been healed.
So for sake of humanity we grow without any resentment .
People understand that leaving will bring them loneliness without knowing that their power,care,love everything has already built them up as a stronger person you can’t bear but the changes comes only because of you and your teaching..
I’m glad with Humans I meet because everybody just grow me unintentionally..
I thank to people who judged me less and made me understand this cruel life more.
Today i write and I feel those time where we were living and enjoying the laughters and fun was actually teaching us more and more to evolve in life with strength and kindness.

~Thank you.

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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