I grasp emotions through ‘YOU’.


I remember it was a messy day..
I was getting late for my lectures but then I stopped, breeze touched me slowly and I looked back to staffroom corridors with tranquility and happiness .
I saw him(teacher) ,short in height, hairs nicely combed and shirt perfectly fit to your waist.
I saw him conversating over call and that was the first day of glance I felt that time has stopped for me.
I went back smilingly to class and no wonder I was 20 minutes late to Mr.biswal’ s class.
The following day I saw him again and intrigued about him to my fellow Friends and I got to know that he is a leacturer from Commerce department.
I felt relief to the news knowing that he is from our college.
Everything of his just attracted me and I never porch my heed likeness for him the entire year.
Years went by..
We came to the second year batch and I Searched him madly in Facebook..
I found him and sent request and within seconds he accepted me..
No wonder what grew next…
We texted each other ..
We got to know each other through social media and then from near by crosses in the college campus.
I suddenly became happy ..
Everytime my concern was he ..
I like him the way I never liked anybody..
Though he may be having his good people around him ..
But for me I made him my Motivation and my happy mode incharge.
He will never know my feelings for him and I might not say him but deep down I like him abundantly ..
Maybe my likeness is equivalent to love..
He passes my stress away..
He always brings smile to me..
Though from few weeks things started becoming better ..
Around him I’m like another being whose world is happiest..
Thank you my dear sir ..
“For you taught me that we can’t have somebody in our life but those feelings can never be passed to another being the same way it has for you because this smile are overflowing from heart and not every smile everflows with every random person”.

“I was hurt the day I knew the truth of you but then I realized my feelings were true and so I felt bad ..if my feelings weren’t genuine I wouldn’t have felt any pain”.

I always became happy having a glance of you, seeing a smile of you, remembering you and asking God a good life for you.

Cheers to life,love,and my sir.
Thank you.

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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