To the happiness!


I discovered lately after watching a web series that what is my own thoughts for the happiness I feel or I get.
Happiness is a warm feeling ..
It’s a feeling where you feel saved from every toxicity and from people who see worse part in every spare.

Let’s describe my sense of happiness in my points:

1- I feel whenever I’ll be happy I’ll be full of teary eyes to thank every aspect that made me happier.

2- It will be between pages of book where I will win the game of life with my human.

3- It will be the days I’ll look sunrays with smile and feel blessed to have a good life.

4- It will be a day where I’ll finally feel like breathing.
It will be the sense of lightness in my body and all burden will leap leaving my body forever.

5-It will be the end of the chapter of some relationship that has nothing to do with me and future.
I pray for the kind soul but I’ll take a farewell from their Auster life .

6- It will be the day I’ll finally make my family , Friend and myself proud.

7- My part of happiness will be sitting idle in a corner and crying out my joy with smile and Letting all the sorrows to cascade out the window .

8- To have the person who thinks the way life provides lesson and take me into his words just to fulfill the kindness this world pays .

9- To choose myself over anyone,and life over stress, love over hate,
To become one of a rare soul this world needs.

10- My sense of happiness will be the way I’m ..kind of kid ,crazy,full of life, emotions, Friends, surrounded by natural vibes, love.

I Cheers to life I love and I live.
Happiness that content me as whole.

~ Thank you.

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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