Home without her: Absurd.


The last note ended with happiness .
Her mother smiled and kept the book in the bookself of Maya..
Maya ,the youngest child of house was no more to irritate,annoy,shout, prank or have fun with her mother.
Maya was dead 2 years ago and yet her sounds of laughing and talking roam around the walls.
Her mother couldn’t help but keep calm at the asylum for their home with other two left over sons ..
Maya’s own brother knew they couldn’t get her back with her immaturity.
They did shouted her for that but they love the only thing in her was her wild childish behaviour.
Mom says there is no day she misses Maya and an obsessed fab song of her she mutters the whole day.
I remember I shouted her to be quite but she listens no one ..
Maya was an imaginary person who just disclose herself out of reality.
She hates reality and it’s because she was a writer.
She paints words and feeling of persons and beautify them on novel as because she wanted to be heard ..
She wanted everyone hear the pain that everyone is escaping from and with this she helped the depressing nation to come out of trauma .

But God took her .
He took her away from life .
He took the essence of my house .

We never love a person untill we don’t have her one day with us.

After Maya’s death , we got printed her story,diary,books,SMS, everything she used to do in her pleasure time.
It got sold in one complete book and finally my daughter is a novelist..
Up there .
Smiling , looking me and thanking us.
Wishing to come back but couldn’t and alarm ranged high while Maya came and said maa I’m running late for classes.
I hold her and thanked life.
She is here beside me.

Thank you.

Published by Writewordy

Ambivert, an observer, understands telepathy and writes spontaneously .

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