1- “when live loves you, you Glow”.

2- ” Uncertainty occurs not to test us but to take away all the pain which seems best when we sit and recall it later”.

3- “life can be painful but trust the journey until it heals into blossom of joy and happiness”.

4- “Every word, Every promises, Every moments, Every smile, Every laughter, Every contact, Every conversation.. Everything will make you write wonderfully to live a life”.

5- ” True friendship always defeat fake love”.

By chandrika badaik.


When i know i am not straight:- In protest and support for LGBTQ.

Hiding in the shadows ,not saying a word
This kind of secret,you don’t want heard.
Although I am scared what you think
But losing hopes won’t help me
Courage comes when you lend hands.
That few trust make me spare.
Don’t care for the world what they think
You are right your way that what means.
As it is a brave step to take against society.
All enough to see disapproving eyes and judgement.
Little people who knows so little of you.
Love is natural, passion is key.
So don’t down us saying you are wrong.
Because your judgment won’t define me anymore.
As this life is mine ,will always be mine.
Thank you.
Im straight but I give every individual their support,courtesy, protest because everyone is fighting their own battle.
Never belittle them.

I bargained with life for a penny

I bargained with life for a penny
And life would pay no more;
However I begged at evening.
When i counted my scanty store.
For life is just an employer,
He gave you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why,you must bear the task.
I worked for a menials hire,
Only to learn dismayed;
That any wage i had asked of life,
Life would have willingly paid.
Thank you.

Poem:I’ll miss them all

I’ll miss them all.
I’ll hang every little things in my wall
That include a letters of someone who doesn’t exist anywhere.
A picture of someone I loved a lot.
A ticket to a place i went last summer.
I’ll gather the happening that happened before.
Through this i’ll live that life once more.
Old talks are reminisic I think .
Gossiping again makes me nostalgic
Yet I find happiness with this finished chapter
Because new lesson arrives and arrives which cannot make me still,
But i’ll miss the day i had lived before as they were the bestest time I recall.
Thank you.

Helper high

Helper high is a positive attitude as I learnt it from the movie ” aemelei”.
She is too gooder to help people,make people laugh with her kiddish behavior.
We should help people’s in need and serve them to be good as in doing great helping towards human kind is to be blessed by god.
Look out world different and mild your views in a creative way.
Be good,think good and I guarantee you will pursue a austere life.
Thank u…