How Life Look Under Trees

A discussion took under a big banyan tree between three children which game to start. A shed of tree that relaxes children to enjoy their fun time.

Life I saw at edge but it becomes harmonious because we have surrounded by nature. Nature have been kind and nature have been stormy.

People relaxing and communicating under the shee of tree, a picture of peace found beneath.

When I started my photo essay in- How Life Look Under Trees, I came across various aspects of living and I developed all kind of act, emotions, connectivity, damage lives etc. I started walking across my home lanes to discover the unseen life of human today that theh all went through.

An old man silently grabs the warmth of sunlight in winter morning under a wretched tree.

Here, through trees we catch lots of activity done by different human like they prefer to read under trees and it give essence shade and comfort.

A father walks with her daughter under the lane of trees describing it’s importance.

People give time and effort to things matter to them.

Group of three friends enjoy their conversation about how they all grew together in the area covered with tree.

It’s like the small things in life that interconnect people just like it did to these groups of friends and the tree being the witness of their growing friendship.

How economic took place under trees, the life under tree is been valued and daily earnings been earned for living.

Life under trees shows the different people with different work and input environmental ability to maintain their usual life.

An old man manages to read his newspaper away from home under the green berry tree, showing the necessity towards current news.

It’s the privilege of one with the newspaper who is shown very fond of reading and getting updated with the current news.

Devastation of trees during the storm in Hirakud, Sambalpur. A little boy help himself with his clothes to hook in te rope.

The aged tree with the branches after the devastation show the longevity same as human age.

Bizzare life of a slum boy after major storm hit his place and crooked trees stand tall to help him with his clothes.

This tree always stand by human as support in the times of devastation.

Tree serve as roof to common people who earn on daily basis.

I’ve explored all the section human go through on the basis while they enjoy thier childhood, mold themselves in a conversation,

Storm hiy hard on common people, an old lady pondering about after life under aged tree of her house.

sit quietly under tree, help themselves hooking clothes in the time storm hit. The phases that even connect and also ruin human life .

How Darkness Becomes Light-Story Of Heartbreak that leads to healing.

I learnt about light when I smiled after I healed.

November 14- 23:44,

The cold wind will always remind me how shaken I was when text of your close one feels like attacking, when everything they say just hit you like dagger in your chest and I went through same downfall, I knew the night that need to go fast went slow like turtle. It was the day when life shuffled for Agni and Aritosh .

Feb-6- 10:11,

Agni and Aritosh were inseparable friends, their days don’t go without their presence. It was a bond that everyone craves and we were lucky enough to get along and maybe that happiness of ours got cursed. It was time that got us together and it was time that parted us, one misunderstanding and life of two best friends got changed forever and changed in form of no reflection. You never know whom you known for years become a person who you never wanna know again.

A phrase -I don’t feel your absence longer hit the hearts of two life in a way that nor even universe could put them together again.

Things became to change , I started becoming quite and aritosh started becoming ignorant.

Present Day- Nov, 14- A day when leap of path took place to direction I don’t know. I knew shivering will take place after him and every night I’m chocked with pain , I howl midnight , I get nightmare and what worse could happen to a person who got attached so much,

When morning appeared my drowsiness didn’t left me till noon, I got bad headache and I realized what’s next – I know I’m leading to the grasp of trauma but before it catch me I was been pulled up by Daksh , an old friend out of no where appeared into my life, we talked simultaneously and eventually got hugged by life .

March 30, 7:06 – I was smiling to a wake up call made by Daksh and when he disconnected, I hushed to life whispering how fast the trauma diverted from my life like in gulp of second. Book quotes were so right when they say with right human everything disappears and life be seen more glowing and concerning .

I couldn’t even remember how it all changed with Daksh and so frequent flow like river, I started nurturing , I was glued to growing and Daksh was a real captured frame to it. I felt light passed within my soul and I laughed like never before.

life brings you human you need I noted it properly while revisiting the time of dawn that turn into morning with the chirping voice of birds.

I knew darkness came so that I will learn the value of light and eventually I did.

I thank Aritosh for leaving me so that I could welcome Daksh.

Thank you!


With smile I turned.

It’s time for step.

22:49, December

Today I feel the one who is my own is the one I have no right to call my own , sounds deep but necessary to know .

I will forever be glad for God as he provided me a person I could humbly , joyfully turn into but no longer much.

My time with him is over I guess but these are the secrets he will never know . The big mistake I did was lie to a person who I really loved because everytime I made him realize with joy of mine that my heart feels happy for someone else.

How can I love someone orally when my thought occupies a person who has always helped me grow.

But I lost love and my lies won.

Somewhere I’m happy love didn’t win because what I wanted to last is my friendship and for sure it will work .

I don’t really crave love I genuinely crave the worth and growth friendship has to offer . I have settled for friendship by murdering my feelings and it is important for my life because I don’t hurt on name of love or friendship.

I will overcome and every time I will tease him to normalise my behaviour which should never be caught or else I will be drowned.

I won friendship and it’s matters more .

I will be there when he need me always, unsure of mine but all sure for him that I will be for him .

I know 2020 is ending and it was my deepest feeling I couldn’t share so wrote .

I need to master the move on while still having the person and still sharing the same bond 🙂

I will be braver .

Thank you.

2020:The last chapter and lessons .

I write for existence.


I chuckled when pages of memories flipped back, I went somewhere to last year where I had some nostalgic memories .

People don’t make me saddened anymore, they moreover belong and that’s beauty of life.

Past were days when I used to have bunch of people but now I’m so much filled with fondness that it is enough till lifetime.

How beautiful it is to have human who we don’t have in our life now but they really taught us love friendship ,care, and lot more.

I will forever owe them and miss them through memories .They were the beautiful people I met who I don’t want now because certain things need to end to know life.

2020 took my friends too but it will never take those time i had with them, those laughter and love will always echo in my ear and I will know a friendship and love has lived.

Now currently I just have few friends and never know when life will snatch them so i spread fondness and kindness so that serenity will everlast in my bond .

I will never pay a regreat because I was not wrong and that’s why I didn’t break when my friendship got over.

I bless everyone equally and spread love !

I pray forever this kindness exist in my soul.

Those who gone I hope they never return and live a happy life and whoever is staying please stay until you feel to leave .

You have choices .

Thank you!

Living last month with them !

Standing at a point and thinking amazing moments I had and had to let go from people I loved deeply.

Nov 23, 22:43

Nights get heavy and words turn truer, today when I feel I’m losing friends , I appreciate there lose which is formed with hatred and selfishness.

I’m freeing myself from those who act they love me and maybe they does but they also hate . I’m freeing from hate, I’m freeing myself from those guilt.

Today having one is my victory . I was so wrong chasing so many friends but they say right , Friend to all is friend to none.

2020, I will never forget this year ever who snatched my friends who were dear to me and life will go on without them and new people will enter. I just pray if they love ,they love genuinely or else move away.

Whatever I do is god’s protection towards me, you already gave me a person to live my entire life for and I’m tearful happy for it .

Friendship are ending with this year and I hope they live life peacefully making friends of their kind and never abandon them by making them their own .

I pray whoever I lose live a happy life. Lead path of gratefulness.

I’m no longer shivering and that’s my move on journey . I didn’t pour my tears because I know I’m no longer willing to take such realtions which affect my peace and life.

I thank Ganeshji whatever he done ,

I create space for new and I know healthy friendship will lead life , although the one I cherish the most already exists inside me and together will create a life memorable.

I thank people I was friend with, you showed who I actually need to shed my tears for and who are worth matter to be in my life.

have a great life without me in 2021 .

Wish you healthy, prosperity and goodness.

Thank you !

Drowned to me.

I will live untill
I get drowned…

Happy eyes of mine search the deepest secret lies beneath, I dream to write for words that don’t come on lip.

When moments are hard I press my lip tight. Don’t worry you won’t know when I’ll be drowned for in my life I’m happy to find myself back to take myself home .

Home of unknown, home of mine!

The day I fulfill my dream will be the day sky will rain heavenly and in sounds of thunder their will be satisfaction , with wind it will catch my breath and happy to hug my soul for eternity to divinity.

Lesser time and more memory to make , time by time I’ll gather all the pieces I find elsewhere and collecting all I’ll leave this world by wretching down in the ocean…..

Thank you.


Sun rise, sun sets and in-between there’s no you .

Nov,4 19:34

How could it happen that I have to pretend all of it , that his absence wasn’t affecting me .. it shatters me to know there is no presence of him anymore. I cannot do anything more than wait if he returns and even if he does it will be a last time just for mutual bye. I know we read lot of stuff that says go on and forget but it isn’t easy to do suddenly , it’s a gradual process to move on , I’m doing though but my senses are numb , he took believe away with himself, me the one who loved to make new friends and know about people story everything got choked just because people don’t bother and they stay with you untill you make them feel important and if not they go away breaking years of bond.

How easy it gets for them to leave even when you say not to abandon you .

When you plead and all they do is break everything in fraction of second.

This time no more though . You got free. you left me . I always wanted happiness for you and forever I will want this .

Your life .be blessed to live !

Your friend think of you with this choked numbness.

Thank you!

Our friendship was everything then why a distance?

0:27 Am ( Story of Ray and mil)

Time is mastermind ! it checks what value you keep of a thing or a person when time pass by years after years. When a beautiful journey start there are two beautiful soul binds together , care, play and do all things with each others presence , I don’t wanna term it love when it is friendship . Yeah it’s love but it’s a friendship love . Nothing above nothing below . I heard in friendship everything just flow no much efforts are been put here and friends understand more. It’s a Romantic love that is chaos , yes it is .Lover feel such distance pain my friends , friends are supposed to make you feel great so why it’s happening that I’m getting ignored by a person I’m so damn close to . What changed ? Not me obviously . Living in a friendship and putting efforts why it isn’t flow what difference came , what did I do. The share of your love is intact so why so difference . Why we are getting lesser time of each other . Why I don’t know what you are doing or how you are?

I know I get friends but why am I supposed to not have you along with them . Mil you are important!

I care , I get affected without your indulgence. Know it before it’s late.

Please .

I don’t want a day to come I start living without you and that will be a forever decision.

The hand of trust!

The hand of trust!

August 4, 2013

It’s been long long while since I opened my journal and see my pro art and heart felt words of letters to some friends I know and some I detached myself with and in my journal I saw ,that the messages I wrote to God was living eternal today and it followed till now from long ages.

I’m pranay! A devotee of Shivaji who thinks life is unwrapped with torn ticks of wary issues which even I face but facing doesn’t mean I’m losing faith.

While I was juggling with life and everyone kicked my emotions like it’s unimportant I started penning my words to God , my constant pal who not only guided me but also pull me before I fall .

This harsh life will never get our command but once the voice of heart is kept in feet of lord it’s taken as approval and without question the path becomes clear , the destiny becomes achievable and all it take is our efforts and so I push my efforts to achieve my goal and everytime I look there is no one around I am sure of who really is – it’s the hand of trust I’ve holded from so long of my God who never detached myself like people did and I’m grateful to update it in my running journal of life .

My friendship is with the creator so I barely pay attention to people who live nearby , I’m a devotee who believe that being alone is not alone because at that moment god has holded you tight to lead in the summit of upcoming mountains.

Jai bhole!

Thank you!

The bookish truth .


The vague palorids of my books I found it written by coelho, Rowling, Meyer and king.
For the pictures I saw I smiled to them and run to the pages of it where highlight stories says – if your believe in dreams ,the entire universe help you to conspire it and turned to next book which said in dreams we see the world entirely our own and shyly remembered the lined quote of Meyer which read Time is to change and changes will come and in deep breath I learnt that Stephen king wrote the finest skills build creative power in you from the memoir of the craft.
The ideas they show doesn’t come easily because it’s their struggle and pain they jot down which inspired whole worldwide to pick the tool and write a different life.
The story of books is abundance and mysterious.
We see gothic feature, Romantic ideals and dementors soul while we enter the book world .
I feel when we go inside a book we travel an unknown magical places where all the protagonist feel so real and they teach you the enormous and wide side of life we try to usually avoid thinking as fiction .
The fictional book is the truth they share through the fairy words which seem untrue but are true .

That’s the ocean side of book we dive when we read .
Thank you !!